Nordic Fairy Tales

The light is fading, and the days are getting shorter. The beautiful tones of nature are changing, and the colder days spoil us with new scenic landscapes to discover. By following the light, embracing nature, and capturing shapes our new collection Nordic Fairy Tales was created. We have been exploring the beautiful and ice-covered landscapes in the North and transformed the visual meetings into new small pieces of everyday beauty.

Did you know that Elva means waterfall? The beautiful new Elva styles are characterized by their organic wavy shape and their structure similar to crispy layers of ice.


  1. Elva Ring
    Elva Ring
    As low as €69.00
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  2. Elva Midi Ring
    Elva Midi Ring
    As low as €57.00
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The magical Hellir jewellery has transparent, light blue and blue-black zircons. It reminds us of glittering ice high to the North.

  1. Flake Ring
    Flake Ring
    As low as €63.00
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The everchanging seasons are mesmerizing as they slowly but surely transform the nature´s scene. Summer is coming to an end, and before you know it, the winter is here. The sea freezes and forms ice flakes, and when the sun hits the surface, stars of light are thrown across the sea. Nature truly is magical.


We only produce jewellery in certified recycled silver. All our jewellery is available in both silver and gold-plated silver. See all styles in both gold-plated recycled silver and recycled silver from the new Nordic Fairy Tales collection.



Pernille has combined her beautiful moon styles in the new Moonlight Earring box. The jewellery set is simply the perfect personal gift. A memory to keep and remember.

  1. Ocean Star Signet Ring
    Ocean Star Signet Ring
    As low as €75.00
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