Milestone Collection

This winter, we are celebrating Pernille´s 15th anniversary. That is why our W22 collection is quite special this year. The collection has new interpretations of some of your most beloved classics from the past 15 years.

Join me for a trip down Memory Lane with my new Milestone collection. I am celebrating my 15-year anniversary as a jewellery designer by creating new timeless pieces of jewellery for you to enjoy. I have recreated some of your most beloved classics, with a twist, to give the jewellery new life.

The jewellery has a beautiful story to tell of happy memories and new beginnings. I hope you will welcome my new designs and enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed creating them.

Pernille Corydon

The blue Chalcedony reflects the blue sky and tells its own love story of following your dreams and trusting your inner feeling. Catch your dreams, and let them be your guide - just like Pernille did 15 years ago, when she started designing her own jewellery.

What characterizes timeless jewellery design is the ability to last over time. Just like special memories throughout life. Pernille first launched the classic Twisted styles in 2012 and we are proud that the jewellery is still being sold today. These beautiful Twisted jewellery are a new interpretation of a classic.

A beautiful Ginkgo Biloba tree grows in Pernille's garden. She loves to lie under it and look up at the beautiful leaves.

The Biloba jewellery is a tribute to our beautiful nature, which is an eternal source of inspiration for Pernille.





All our jewellery is available in both gold plated certified recycled silver and certified recycled. We exclusively produce jewellery in certified recycled silver.