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Building and maintaining healthy and respectful relationships is a core value to Pernille. The wellbeing of the many people involved in the supply chain or employed at the office and shops in Denmark, lies close to her heart.


We visit our suppliers multiple times every year, and on these visits, we meet the people earning their living creating our jewellery. Their wellbeing is of the greatest importance to us and we value the good and honest working conditions we know they have.


In January 2020 we joined the United Nations Global Compact and we commit to participate in their efforts in advancing human rights, good working conditions, environmental impact and ethical business practices.


Download our Anti Corruption Policy

Download our Child Labour Policy


Local Lunch Program by Pernille Corydon Jewellery

As a step towards achieving and promoting living wages in the supply chain we have engaged and initiated the Local Lunch Program with our main supplier in Thailand from Maj 2nd 2022. We have engaged 4 local food shops in the local community to provide lunch for the workers at the factory every Friday, sponsored by Pernille Corydon Jewellery. This way we strive to securing a steady income to 4 local families and simultaneously ensuring better conditions for the workers.