Making responsible jewellery

Being responsible

“Making an effort has been a fundamental value for me ever since I founded Pernille Corydon Jewellery. I make an effort to build and maintain a healthy and respectful relationship with my colleagues and suppliers, the employees in our office and shops, and of course with my customers. The same way I make an effort to create designs and pieces that are classic and long lasting with circularity. That is why I am very proud to share, that to this day, we are still selling some of the same styles we did twelve years ago - and we are still building on the same close relationship with our customers and suppliers.” Pernille Corydon, 2022.

Download and read our CSR Commitment

CSR Strategy & Roadmap

At Pernille Corydon Jewellery we make an effort to act responsibly towards our environment. This goes all the way from creating classic and lasting designs, to producing and distributing our pieces with care and respect for the environment. In 2021 we started exclusively producing using certified recycled silver. We are summarizing all our CSR efforts. The aim is to see how and where we can improve - and to live up to one of our primary goals: Being honest and transparent.

Read our CSR Strategy & Roadmap

Responsible production and packaging

For more than ten years our jewellery has been produced in Thailand at the same factory. Responsibly and ethically sourced certified recycled silver is used in the production, and the jewellery is handmade as well as hand finished. We visit the factory multiple times every year, and on these visits, we meet the people earning their living creating our jewellery. Their wellbeing is of the greatest importance to us and we value the good and honest working conditions we know they have. Since the beginning we have actively worked with our production team to limit the use of resources by recycling and reusing the raw materials in the production whenever possible. But also, to ensure that they as our suppliers keep looking for new ways to improve. This means, that when you purchase a piece of Pernille Corydon Jewellery, you know that it has been produced with great care for the environment and for the people involved in the production. All our jewellery boxes are made from FSC® certified paper and the jewellery is packed in recycled plastic bags for protection. When shipping, all materials used are of ecofriendly origin. Our marketing material is made from recycled paper and the printing company holds a Nordic Swan Ecolabel license.

Local Lunch Program by Pernille Corydon Jewellery

As a step towards achieving and promoting living wages in the supply chain we have engaged and initiated the Local Lunch Program with our main supplier in Thailand from Maj 2nd 2022. We have engaged 4 local food shops in the local community to provide lunch for the workers at the factory every Friday, sponsored by Pernille Corydon Jewellery. This way we strive to securing a steady income to 4 local families and simultaneously ensuring better conditions for the workers.

Committed to making a difference and UN GLobal Compact´s ten principles

We are committed to the universal principles on human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption - as defined by UN Global Compact. We track our progress within these areas in order to make sure we take actions that advance the societal goals.

Read more on how we support the ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact-initiative in our Communication on Progress (CoP), which includes the Letter from our CEO

Our Code of Conduct

The first step in documenting our CSR efforts has been to write and publish our Code of Conduct. This is the document that acts as our framework and outlines our standards to our suppliers. The Code of Conduct states the values and goals we have and is based on the Ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact and is the basis for continuous improvement. We drafted the first version in June 2019 - and we have the first updated version before the end of 2019. Here is our updated version 2.0 from 2021

Download and read our Code of Conduct

Open door policy - both ways

We believe in being transparent and honest and for us that goes both ways. In 2019 we have also opened our CSR hotline. We will duly act on any areas of concern that we have not identified ourselves and we are happy to hear from you, if you have any questions regarding our CSR efforts - or if you have information that you feel we need. You can contact us directly at

We support charities on an ongoing basis – and have always done so

We believe that everyone can make a difference. Therefore, we at Pernille Corydon have always supported humanitarian aid organisations and charitable causes on an ongoing basis – with the hope of making the world a better place.

Here are some of the charitable causes we have supported throughout time:

• Danish Red Cross

• Stafet For Livet

• Kvindehjemmet - Vesterbro

• Kræftværket Rigshospitalet

• Mødrehjælpen

• Juletræsfest/Julehjælpen Haderslev

• Julemærkefonden

• Min Prinsessedrøm - Min Drømmedag

• EventyrJul

• Legeheltene

• Albertslund Forsorgshjem

• Hjertegaven

• Oplevelser for Udsatte Familier

PEACE – a tiny jewellery collection with a big heart

All funds generated by the end of 2022 from our Peace collection (launched in 2022) were donated in full to the Danish humanitarian aid organisations Red Barnet and Læger uden Grænser – a total amount of 90.000 Danish Kroner. The donations were made in March 2023.

We will continue to support Danish humanitarian aid organisations and in particular Læger uden Grænser (Médicins Sans Frontières) through the sale of the Peace collection, which is still sold in our webshop.