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At Pernille Corydon Jewellery (“we”, “our”, “us”), we understand that your privacy is important, and we are committed to being transparent about the technologies utilized. This Cookie Policy explains how and why cookies, web beacons, pixels, clear gifs and similar technologies may be stored on and accessed from your device, when visiting Pernille Corydon Jewellery websites. Upon visiting the Pernille Corydon Jewellery web-shops, cookies and similar technologies are utilized to collect data about the visitor’s usage of the web, mobile and social media.


Cookies and data from similar technologies are important to us, as they assist in making our online services more user-friendly, it allows us to observe how our digital platforms are utilized and assists us in delivering the best service to the visitor and thereby target our marketing efforts.


A cookie is a small text file that can be stored on and accessed from your device, when you visit the sites and The data collected refers to which web-sources, landing sites and advertisement, the visitor is transferred from when visiting the web shop. The obtained information is utilized to optimize advertisement and targeted content.


When visiting our website, the device (computer, mobile or tablet) will automatically place a cookie on the device (computer, mobile or tablet). A cookie is a small file, which ensures that the website is functioning properly. Cookies can also collect statistics about your activities on the website, and we can utilize that data to improve the website. Cookies are also used to personalize content, so when you visit the website, you only see the content that is most relevant to you and further marketing.


You are in Control of your Cookies:

Websites are not allowed to store cookies without your consent/permission. This is the reason, you are asked to “Accept Cookies” when visiting our websites for the first time.


On the websites and, we have categorized our cookies as follows:

  • Necessary Cookies
  • Performance & Analytical Cookies
  • Advertisement/Targeting Cookies
  • Unclassified Cookies


You can read more about the individual cookies functionality on the websites and in the cookie-declaration below. The use of cookies can lead to processing of personal information, and therefore, we recommend that you read our Privacy Policy.


If you reject cookies, it can influence your experience on the website.


When visiting out website, you either accept or reject cookies. Cookies are important to us, as it provides us with information about how the website is performing, so that we can provide you with the best customer experience.


By clicking “Allow All Cookies”, you give consent/permission for the usage of all cookies.


If you click “Manage Cookies”, without checking off some of the boxes, then you decline all cookies used for, for example, marketing and analytics. In this case, we will still allow the “Necessary cookies” to ensure that the website is working properly. These cookies do not contain personal data.


If you reject some or all cookies on the website, it can have a direct effect on your experience on the website, and we will not be able to optimize it, so that you can have a more user-friendly experience on the website in the future.


Regretting your cookie-preferences?

Did you accept or reject cookies, and you want to change your preferences? Then you can either change your original preferences or delete cookies from the browser.


If you are visiting from multiple browsers or devices – for example mobile phone and computer – Then you have to remember to delete your cookie-preferences for all of them.


You can also manage your cookie preferences by accessing your browser-settings and deleting all cookies. If you do this, then you will have to manage your cookie-preferences again the next time you visit


How long are Cookies stored?

Cookies can have different storage-spans. The storage span is determined by your latest visit to the website. When the cookies storage span expires, it will automatically be deleted.


The storage span of all our cookies can be seen in the “Cookie-Declaration” below.


Cookies Declaration:

The website’s owner and contact information:

Pernille Corydon Jewellery
Kannikepladsen 6, 1.
6100 Haderslev
CVR-nr: 30476832
Tlf: +45 88 44 08 80



Cookies are small text files, which contain numbers and letters that are stored on your computer or device. Cookies are stored, when you visit a website that uses cookies and be used to keep track of which websites you have visited. They may help you continuing your journey on a website, right where you left it and it will remember your specific preferences, ex: your language preferences.


Cookies are important to us, as they assist us in making our online-services easier to use, they allow us to keep track of how our website is used, and it helps us to deliver the best customer experience for you. To make our cookies more comprehendible, we have categorized into individual groups. You can see the categorization and each cookie in the Cookie Declaration.



The information provided in the Cookie Declaration (see below) are provided in a transparent manner, so it is clear to you how we implement cookies on our websites, so that you can make an informed decision about allowing them on our website. Be aware that rejecting Cookies may directly affect the functionality of the website. Many of the interactive features found on the website rely on cookies, so rejecting cookies may prevent those features from working or reduce their functionality. Different web browsers may use different methods for managing cookies. See how to configurate your browser-settings based on your web browser-provider below:


Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE)
Google Chrome


*Please note: If any of the information provided in the links above, are incorrect, we cannot be held accountable for this.

We have divided our cookies in the following categories:

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