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Made to last: How to care for your jewellery

We want you to enjoy your Pernille Corydon jewellery for many years to come. We have made this guide on how to care for your jewellery, thereby prolonging the life of your jewellery.


How to store your jewellery

All our jewellery is made with certified recycled silver and gold plated certified recycled silver. The jewellery will eventually wear down, the plating will wear off, and the colour will fade, turn dark, and start to tarnish. This is unavoidable, since precious metals and plating react with the oxygen in the air. To reduce this process, you should store your jewellery in an airtight bag or a lined jewellery box. Try to keep the jewellery apart when storing it to prevent scratching.


What to avoid

Avoid wearing jewellery when showering, washing your hands, sunbathing, cleaning, gardening, performing sports activities etc. Protect your jewellery from sharp blows, scratching, sunlight, and extreme heat or cold.


Do not let your jewellery come into contact with lotions, hand sanitiser, soap, perfume, hairspray, cosmetics, detergents, and other chemicals. A good tip is to put on your jewellery last, as well as to remove your rings when washing your hands etc.


Other influences

A range of individual factors play a role regarding the durability of your jewellery – including how often the jewellery is worn. The body’s natural pH, warmth, sweat, and acid can also affect durability.


Important: Always keep jewellery out of reach of small children.


Guide: How to clean your jewellery

Clean your jewellery regularly. Follow this simple step-by-step guide for gentle cleaning of your jewellery:


- Clean the jewellery with lukewarm water, mixed with a few drops of washing up liquid.

- Let the jewellery soak in the water for three-five minutes or as needed.

- Gently clean the jewellery and wipe it thoroughly with a clean, soft cloth to avoid scratching.


Special requirements for jewellery with stones and/or pearls:

Washing up liquid can have an adverse effect on the shine of your pearl jewellery. Use lukewarm water to gently polish the pearls. Always be gentle when drying jewellery with stones and/or pearls.


When jewellery discolours the skin


Some will experience that silver jewellery can stain or discolour the area of the skin that the jewellery comes into contact with. This often happens due to the body’s natural pH, warmth, and perspiration. The body excretes salts and sulphur, which can settle in a ring’s fine pores, causing staining of the fingers. Some people excrete more than others, and therefore may experience a higher degree of discolouration.


In some cases, the cause of such discolouration is if you are working with fluids and the like. that contain salts and that come into contact with the skin and/or the ring.


Another cause could be the consumption of foods high in sulphur, such as eggs, vinegar, and lemon. If you are taking any medication or dietary supplements that emit through the skin, this could have the same effect as explained above.


If you are going through a period where your body is out of balance, this could also entail that the body perspires more than usually. This can be a contributing factor as to why a piece of jewellery suddenly begins to stain the skin.


Often, the explanation can be found in the contact with lotions, hand sanitiser, soap, perfume, hairspray, cosmetics, detergents, and other chemicals that can have an adverse effect on the durability of your jewellery and cause the jewellery to stain your skin.