Fascinating changeability

Iceland’s changeability, the infinite contrasts and the strong, changing colours made a big impression on Pernille. “Iceland is a place like no other, and this island in the high north has made a tremendous impression on me. With my new Ísland Collection, I have tried to interpret the island’s unspoiled and raw nature as well as the breath-taking Icelandic landscape with its great contrasts. My encounter with Iceland has freed my mind and left me with a particular lightness in my body. This quite unusual sensation is something I carry with me and use in my design work."



An ocean of impressions 

Pernille sees the world as an inexhaustible source of inspiration with an ocean of impressions that are just waiting to be translated into new shapes, sketches and designs. On one of Pernille’s many journeys, she had a chance to experience the lively Bangkok. Here she found the inspiration for the new Entangled Collection.

“It may sound a bit odd, but the designs of suspension bridges and power poles have always fascinated me with their many wires and lines that come across as a confused mass in perfect order. The combination of lightness and extreme complexity gives me butterflies in my stomach.”



Personal Jewellery inspired by the stars

”Look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see, and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious.”

The idea of celestial objects affecting life on earth has absorbed mankind for thousands of years. In ancient Asia, the movement of the stars across the night sky was regarded as divine omens about the future. Later, Greek philosophers lay the groundwork for the astrology we know today, which divides the year into 12 periods of 12 different signs of the zodiac.

The Signs of the Zodiac collection is inspired by the sky and the stars. Explore the possibilities and mix your own unique piece of jewellery that matches your style and accentuates your personality.

Do you want your zodiac sign jewellery to be something very special? The collection also contains symbolic Star Stones that can be combined with any charm and adds an elegant and personal touch to your piece of jewellery.

Each stone is beautiful by itself and possesses special positive characteristics. Some stones have special connections to particular zodiac signs, but all star stones can be used for all zodiac signs. Choose one or more of the stones that you like best and that best suits your style and personality.


Life is one big and diverse source of inspiration

“I’m constantly seeing new possibilities and exciting shapes wherever I go. The drive to create has always been a part of me. I find some of my inspiration and excitement in architecture, furniture, fashion, nature – and in people,” Pernille Corydon explains. Pernille gets her inspiration from everyday life, from different places around the world, and from brief moments with many different people. And her iPhone is always ready for a couple of quick snapshots.

The last time Pernille was in New York, her attention was – among other things – drawn to the characteristic fire escapes on the outside of these enormous buildings. She immediately transformed this impression and these vertical lines into a quick sketch on an envelope, which later resulted in the new long earrings called Sticks. Pernille describes it like this: “I’m quite drawn to shapes in architecture, and my attention most often falls on buildings that appear raw and in decay rather than the more obviously beautiful buildings. Urbanity, buildings and people with contrasts fascinate me.”



One of Pernille’s childhood friends is a photographer, who many years ago took a beautiful picture of part of the government building in Berlin. That photo has always had a special place in Pernille’s heart, and she has kept it ever since. Every time she’s in Berlin, she makes time to visit the particular spot where the photo was taken. The entire area around the government building and the contrast between the raw concrete, glass and soft architectural shapes fascinate her greatly. And there are indeed obvious parallels between the picture from Berlin and the charm in Pernille’s new Divided jewellery. Not entirely by chance. 

Pernille’s journey to Bangkok gave her lots of impressions and experiences. Here, she visited the old royal castle, Grand Palace, that offers amazingly beautiful details and a special mood. Some elderly women were sitting by the castle, working on restoring some large and colourful pieces of mosaic. These many colourful impressions have since inspired Pernille towards new additions for her Petit collection. Pernille believes that life should be lived and experienced, and her desire to explore and play with new shapes and colours is insatiable. Fortunately... Because as long as the passion burns, the inspiration lives.